Negotiating Globalization in Asia

This volume gathers the papers delivered during the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies 2004 conference on nationalism and globalization in the Asian context, which eventually evolved into the present collection. Through the academic disciplines of economics, sociology, philosophy, and art and cultural studies, the authors describe and discuss different ways by which globalization is negotiated in Asia. Liberalization, borderlessness and mobility are affirmed to be the major characteristics of globalization. They have both positive and negative impacts on the lives of the people. That national governments and even local customs and traditions are far from being submerged in the global arrangements and transactions has also been affirmed, even if on the contrary, they do and can play roles in mitigating the negative impacts of globalization.

– from the Introduction by Lydia N. Yu-Jose

Part1: Economics and Culture
External Borrowing and Capital Flows: The Revolving Door Model of Capital Flight
Edsel L. Beja, Jr.

Search for Flexibility, Fairness and Prosperity in the labor Market: Contextualizing a nationalist Alternative Employment Paradigm for the Philippines
Allan Jose J. Villafuerte

Intercultural Communications in the Asian Operations Setting
Felix Chan Lim and Betty Makani-Lim

Part 2: National Identity and Ethnic Identity
Selling Symbols, Keeping One’s Face: Iconography, Identity Politics, and Globalization in Indonesia and Thailand
The Nisei: The Second Generation Okinawan-Filipino’s Identity and Their Significance in the Transnational Community of Okinawans
Johanna O. Zulueta

Mingei: The Aesthetics and Politics of Japanese Folk Art
Cecilia S. De La Paz

Part 3: Localization
A Postcolonial Reading of Malaysian Poetry in English
Danton R. Remoto

The Future of Western Philosophy in Asia
Jovino Miroy

Voyages and Ethnicity Across Reordered Frontiers: Conflict Resolution and Leadership in the Dynamics of Ethnic Identity Formation Among the Sama Dilaut of Semporna
Wilfredo Magno Torres III

Spectacular/Spectatorial Fear: Glimpses of the Translocal Imaginary in Asian Horror
J. Pilapil Jacobo

Author/Publisher: Ateneo Center for Asian Studies
Place and date: Quezon City, 2006
Distributor: Ateneo de Manila University Press