Nature and Culture: Environmental Issues in Asia

The chapters in this volume provide interesting cases of environmental constraints to development within sets of contrasting contexts – land-based resources (the hilly district of Dazhai and the forest and natural park of Khiriwong) versus water-based resources (river side community of Kali Code and seaside community of Diura), local versus national government intervention policies and programs in resource preservation and rehabilitation, and developing versus developed country recipient of international disaster aid. There is, however, a common thread of discussion – the role of participatory approach. Bao underscores the role of the local community in the success of the state-initiated agricultural rationalization program in Dazhai. Lim and Atienza highlight the role of local knowledge and social capital in the rehabilitation of Khiriwong from a series of devastating floods. Hall explores new state-civil society engagements in local natural resource and environment management in the face of recent decentralization efforts in Indonesia and the Philippines. Buenaventura argues that the ineffective implementation of international humanitarian housing aid in Aceh was due to the absence of consultation with the communities of the tsunami victims as well as the national government of Indonesia.

The authors analyze the issues utilizing historical, sociological, and political lenses. The frameworks in these disciplines provide a rich blend of perspectives that shed light on the diverse modes of interplay between culture and nature and how they evolve together.

Nature and Culture: The “Dazhai Model” and its Environmental Consequences
Bao Maohong

Co-management Approach to Environmental Pressure: The Story of Khiriwong, Thailand
Cristina P. Lim

Against All Odds: Khiriwong’s Creative Community
Theresita V. Atienza

The Politics of Sea/Riverscape Transformation: Kali Code (Indonesia) and Diura (Philippines)
Rosalie Arcala Hall

The Analogously Bureaucratic Nature of the Global Governance of Private Humanitarian Aid for Housing Reconstruction after Disasters
Valerie Pagasa P. Buenaventura

Rituals of Relief: Emergency Assistance to Japan from Asian Countries Following the Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
David M. Potter

Author/Publisher: Ateneo Center for Asian Studies
Place and date: Quezon City, 2014
Distributor: Ateneo de Manila University Press