Asian Integration: History, Contemporary Integrative Efforts, Implications on State Formation, and Reconfiguration

This volume discusses the integration narratives from Asia as a response to globalization. The papers in this book present two voices: (1) the important role of the state in carrying out the goals in integration and (2) the impact of integration on the lives of ordinary people. Particular issues discussed are the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the role of non-Asian countries in its design and implementation, the challenges of sub-regional integration, particularly BIMP-EAGA growth area, impact of trade liberalization on health care services, and unresolved issues on forced migration and the minor war trials of World War II. Despite the challenges integration brings, the importance of Asia as a diverse region that seeks its rightful place in this global community remains to be important in the discourse of regionalism.

Published in 2016.

Author/Publisher: Ateneo Center for Asian Studies
Place and date: Quezon City, 2016
Distributor: Ateneo de Manila University Press